When your event needs to make an indelible impression…

Synergix is the ultimate choice.


Events aren’t just about having fun. Of course, fun is a crucial factor – but the important thing is to craft something unique and to create an event so impactful that will live on in your guests’ memories for years to come.

At Synergix, we have been in the business of achieving exactly that for 25 years. Our passion has always been the provision of professional services for themed events, conferences and incentives, and our highly-experienced team has been dedicated to this since 1993.


Today, we are proud to have secured our position as the leader in this dynamic sector. Creativity, reliability and unwavering standards are primarily what set us apart, but it also comes down to the fact that we truly love what we do – dreaming up, engineering and facilitating the very best events in Malta.

Of course, our service culture also sits at the heart of everything we do. From training our own team to provide nothing but the best, to working with suppliers who share our central service culture, we know that our people can make all the difference and we have the contacts to deliver.


The result is Synergix. An amalgamation of elements that combine to provide you with a complete solution for your next tailor-made event – taking ideas from concept stage to completion, and guaranteeing your occasion is truly memorable for all the right reasons.